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Sunday, May 3, 2009

My girl [Korean Drama] online and download

Hi, as promised I'm uploading the drama "My girl" (English sub) on megaupload now. I'm not upload the first episode as you can find it easily anywhere online.

This is the episode 2 online:

My girl - episode 3 download

My girl - episode 4 download

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Super Rookie (2005) - Download links - updating

Not a new drama any more (2005), but new to me :) Have fun watching!


Super Rookie (신입사원: rookie employee) is an intelligent comedy which gives hope and courage to young people going through difficult times.

It is a story of a young man (Kang Ho) who gets a job in a prestigious company due to a computer error. He doesn't have a great family or educational background and is regarded as a slacker in the traditional terms. Worst yet, he seems to spend his life devoted to reading comic books, playing cards, kick boxing, and the like. However he is spirited, street smart, athletic, loyal, and charismatic - especially with the ladies. The drama reveals how he gets his new job, his work-life, and the love and passions in his life in a very interesting way. He never gets discouraged despite all of life’s difficulties. Kang Ho’s high spirits and Mi-ok’s efforts to improve her life give today’s younger generation a chance to look at their own lives and ponder what’s truly valuable.

Main cast

(Credits from http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Super_Rookie and www.iuphimhan.com)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to watch full episodes from Veoh

VeohTV is free software that lets you watch and record Internet videos from thousands of video sources.

Download Here

Once you download this software, install it on your hard-drive and Restart you computer.

How to use VeohTV:

Now once you click on “Watch Full Movie” or “Watch Part 1″ (As seen in image below) which contains Veoh.com video link, it will bring you on Veoh.com website.

When the Movie Starts, you will see like this:

Now to watch Full Length Movie, you need to click on “Watch on VeohTV”.

You can find that button on Right Side just below the “About This Video” Column or On Video Player itself.

When you click on that Button, it will automatically start VeohTV software.

Now it will start buffering full Version Video instead of 5 min.

I hope this tutorial will help to watch full version movie on Veoh.com. Still if you find any difficulties, you can leave comment with your Problem.

If Veoh says “content out of filter”, then after login into veoh, you will see “Family Filter: On” on Right Top. Just Turn Off.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Mom and Three Dads

Title: 아빠셋 엄마하나 / One Mom and Three Dads
Also known as: Three Dads and One Mom / 3 dads 1 mom
chinese title : 三个爸爸一个妈
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-02 to 2008-May-22
Air time: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Song Na Young and her husband, Jung Sung Min, desperately want a child but her husband is unable to get her pregnant. Her husband’s friends decide to help them. But Na Young suddenly loses her husband in an accident and she gives birth to her daughter but does not know which of her husband’s friends fathered her child. The father of Na Young’s child can either be Han Soo Hyun, Choi Kwang Hee, or Hwang Kyung Tae.


Eugene as Song Na Young
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Soo Hyun
Jae Hee as Choi Kwang Hee
Shin Sung Rok as Hwang Kyung Tae
Kim Bin Woo as Park Seo Yeon
Joo Sang Wook as Jung Chan Young

Extended Cast

Jang Young Nam as Noh Hee Sook
Ko Do Young as Jang Joo Mi
Jun So Min as Nam Jong Hee
Lee Hui Do as Song Mong Chan (Na Young’s father)
Park Chil Yong as Han Bong Soo (Soo Hyun’s father)
Jang Jung Hee as Lee Jin Nyeo (Kwang Hee’s mother)
Yang Hee Kyung as Hwang Soon Ja (Kyung Tae’s mother)
Kim Jin Tae as Park Dae Seok (Seo Yeon’s father)
Yoon Sang Hyun as Jung Sung Min

Production Credits

Scriptwriter: Jo Myung Joo (조명주)
Producer: Lee Jae Sang


Picture from www.be2hand.com

Watch online with English subtitles

Or you can also watch this drama online at http://www.mysoju.com/three-dads-one-mom/

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Queen of the game (drama)

Ok you guys, I'm watching this at the moment, the deal I made with myself is one chapter of the book, 1 episode during the weekend :D the actresses in this drama are so beautiful, looks like the content is predictable cuz i've been watching a lot of this type, but its still so appealing. I hate the guy, hate him, hate him!!! Not the "haha" type of drama, I have always watched comedies mainly so this is for a change. Enjoy! ^^

  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-18 to 2007-Jan-28
  • Air time: Saturdays and Sundays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)
  • Inserts: see Queen of the Game OST


23 years ago, Kang Eun Seol's father, Kang Jae Oh, stole the position of Lee Shin Jun's father. This led to Lee Shin Jun's father to commit suicide with his wife and son. Now 23 years later, Lee Shin Jun, also known as Chase, wants revenge and isn't going to stop until he gets it. He makes Kang Eun Seol fall for him, so that he can get to her father. But there is a twist, Lee Shin Jun has also fallen in love with Kang Eun Seol, but Lee Shin Jun's partner, Park Joo Won loves him too... Later Eun Seol finds out about Shin Jun's revenge plot against her father and she decides to get revenge on him for using her..


(Source: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Queen_of_the_Game)
Photo from http://www.siambig.com/shop/

Watch this drama online here

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Vineyard Man (my favourite^^)

This is absolutely my favourite drama so far. Yoon Eun Hye (stared in Goong) is so cute in this drama. The main female character is very annoying at first but she will change later, plus everything she does is so funny. If you have't seen this, it is sure recommended!!! Two thumbs up from me ^^
  • Title: Podopat Geusanai
  • Also known as: The Man in the Vineyard
  • Episodes: 16
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy


In this romantic-comedy, (an adaptation of the book The Vineyard Man by Kim Rang), ] plays Ji Hyun Lee, a clothing designer in Seoul, who reluctantly leaves home for one year to work at her grand uncle’s vineyard in a small village. However when arriving in the country, she reunites with a Taek Gi Jang Oh Man Suk, a local resident who had been wrongfully arrested in Seoul by police after Ji Hyun reported having a dress-which she had designed-had been stolen. The two clash frequently as Ji Hyun has a difficult time adjusting to life in the country and working with Taekgi. However, after many twists and turns Ji Hyun adapts to rustic life while falling in love with Taek Gi.